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The County School Inspectorate is a decentralised public service of the Ministry of National Education, organized at the level of Neamt County and acts such as to achieve the objectives of the education system. The School Inspectorate of Neamt County is concerned with ensuring the proper conditions for increasing the competence of the teaching staff in the schools in Neamt County through programs and activities of continuous training or career development. It is also concerned with ensuring a high quality educational system by supporting the continuous training of the teaching staff. Thus, the County School Inspectorate of Neamt pays special attention to the correlation of the career path with continuous training programs; County inspectors provide and promote the right training courses that come directly to meet the professional needs of teachers. They also provide the guidance of activities in the county schools on training and development resources. 
The continuous training of teaching staff in the education units was aimed at through thematic , specialist and general inspection activities. In partnership with Casa Corpului Didactic Neamt / Theacher Training House Neamt, we aimed at analyzing the training needs of the teaching staff in the county and forecasting the needs for medium and short term training. The school inspectorate has conducted an analysis on the real need of continuous training of the teaching and management staff in the county by application of questionnaires or through the guidance and control functions materialized in the analysis of the thematic inspection reports, general inspections, control notes, reports or minutes received from methodists, at the Neamt County School Inspectorate. In the school year 2017- 2018 the Neamt County School Inspectorate did not organise teacher training sessions in European context, which aims to innovate the traditional activity of teachers of the school units in the county regarding the formation and development of the teaching resources and such, only 3 schools from Neamt County implemented mobility projects funded by the Erasmus + program attended by 30 teachers. The Neamt County School Inspectorate has a management team consisting of: a general school inspector, a deputy general school inspector and 24 school inspectors. They are organized in two areas: management (for institutional management, human resources management, human resource development, permanent education, educational projects, educational alternatives, extracurricular activities, national minorities) and curriculum and school inspection (school inspectors for each discipline). Beside school inspectors, there is also the staff which is necessary in carrying out specific activities in the economic field and technical-administrative, legal, audit or POCU activities.
The implementation and the management of the project will be carried out by an experienced management team consisting of a project manager, a financial manager and a member responsible for monitoring-evaluation and promotion. They all have the right competences and experience, according to their CV. Thus, the project manager is the school inspector for educational projects, with a vast experience in the field of project management, for example: coordinator of training in the implementation team within the project "Professionalism at all levels of pre-university education" POSDRU / 87 / 1.3 / S / 63038, member in the implementation team within the EURSpace projects - European Initial Vocational Training Recognition Gateway and the European Inclusive and Integrated School 


NEWSCHOOL AS is a training provider from Oslo, Norway. They have four board member and three trainers. Mihaela Tabacaru has a multidisciplinary background, including organizational psychology, system dynamics and education research, FREDRIK HARLOFF is a digital innovator and social entrepreneur with broad experience in management, software and business development and EDEE CAREYe is in charge of developing and executing ther communications strategy.
Their mission is "To be a driving force in transforming education into the 21st century": "EDUCATION & INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN - Education should be engaging, risk-taking, and creative. Their 20+ years of experience working with project management and training & development in organizations are now focused on one thing - bringing innovation in education. They design courses that empower educators to build teams, inspire, and become change agents in engaging, creative and risk-taking education. They work with all the components of hellix of knowledge: education, research and business, and streamline practical workshops for educators and trainers, both open and in-house. They connect the dots to make the best of two worlds - research and business, be it organizing events for Oslo Edtech Cluster, or writing popular science articles for the University of Bergen, we make the silos meet, greet, and start working together.
They are working for a better educational frame. That is why they cooperate with educational institutions, private companies and national authorities across Europe in projects they believe in.
They have vast experience in (UX) user experience and software design & development. Their core competence lies in building highly interactive web solutions integrated with Google G-Suite (or any other Google API).
They facilitate bespoke development and through their partner in Romania we have additional capacity to manage larger projects.


InterCultural Iceland is a non-profit consortium which develops innovative educational initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary expertise and training activities. It was founded in 2003 in Reykjavík Iceland.
The main aims of ICI are:
• To work against any kind of prejudice and discrimination by purposeful consultation and education and by offering practical teachers training
• To strengthen the awareness of the advantages of diversity and of migrants as enriching for every society
- To offer practical training courses to in-service teachers, especially focusing on intercultural education and creative cooperative learning.
ICI has become an important research and training centre at a national and European level on the themes of adult training, new competences and teacher training in intercultural education, co-operative learning for didactics, and for anti racist and sensitization training about migration, prejudice and discrimination.
Today the Centre has an international reputation for excellence in the areas of training for trainers and teachers, Intercultural education, creative cooperative learning in multicultural groups, anti-racist and sensitization training against prejudice and discrimination on a regional and European level. Since 2003 ICI has developed and tried out new methodology and material with different groups of adults in Iceland and Europe. In 2012 ICI received a "QUALITY COURSE PROVISION FOR GRUNDTVIG IST 2012" for a sensitization training course that has been offered in Iceland since 2004 to Comenius and Grudtvig applicants. Now ICI is offering Inservice Training courses through Erasmus+.
For these reasons the Centre plays a key role in the field of intercultural education and teacher training on a local and European level, especially for its experience in: cooperative learning, the Complex instruction methodology, active, creative and diverse teaching methods and in the field of anti-racist and anti-discrimination training. Guðrún Pétursdóttir, the founder and manager of ICI specialized in the field of working against prejudices and racism, as well as specialization in intercultural education. She is the main trainer on all ICI training courses and has offered teachers training both in Iceland and in Europe since 1999 and taught at the Educational department of the University of Iceland for several years. She is the author of the books “Intercultural Education”, 1999 and “Everyone can do something – No one can do everything”, 2003.

Material realizat cu sprijinul financiar al Mecanismului Financiar al SEE 2014 – 2021.
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Material realizat cu sprijinul financiar al Mecanismului Financiar al SEE 2014 – 2021.
Conținutul acestuia (text, fotografii, video) nu reflectă opinia oficială a Operatorului de Program, a Punctului Național de Contact sau a Oficiului Mecanismului Financiar. Informațiile și opiniile exprimate reprezintă responsabilitatea exclusivă a autorului/autorilor. 

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